Exercise 4: Tidy up the Wiki links

In Exercise 3 you used a WikiName to make a link from one page to another. This is very easy, but you don't always want the words run together like that on the page. Here we will learn how to tidy up the links.

  1. Go to the first Playpen page that you made in Exercise 1 and find the link that you created in Exercise 3. It probably looks something like this: "FrancisBaconAtlantis". The page would look better if the link looked more like proper English text, perhaps "Francis Bacon took some pictures of Atlantis while on holiday".
  2. Edit the page and find the link that you added.
  3. Just after the link, type in the sentence that you want the link to appear in.
  4. Put a set of square brackets around the words that will become the link text, like this: [pictures of Atlantis]
  5. Put a set of square brackets around the link itself, like this: [FrancisBaconAtlantis]
  6. Now move the link with its square brackets so that it is just in front of the bracketed text.
  7. Finally, add a further set of square brackets around the whole thing: [[FrancisBaconAtlantis][pictures of Atlantis]]
  8. Now save the page and you should see that your text has become a link.

It is very easy to add links to other pages in the same part of the website. Just find the WikiName of the page you want to link to, and put it in your text. You can use the technique described here to make it look better. Links to other websites are possible too: just put the URL in the first set of square brackets in place of the WikiName:
   [[http://photo.net/][A link to photo.net]]

Now go on to Exercise 5 and edit your real home page.

-- AndrewFindlay - 01 Dec 2008

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