Exercise 3: Create a link to a new page

In Exercise 1 you created a page by clicking on a highlighted link. In this exercise you will create your own link and a new page to go with it.

  1. Go to the Playpen page that you created in Exercise 1.
  2. Click on the Edit link in the menu.
  3. Now you need to think of a name for the new page. This must be unique, so to avoid clashing with other people you might include your name in the page name. The Camera Club website is a Wiki, so the page name has to be in the form of a WikiName. This just means that you run two or more words together with a capital letter at the start of each one. Some people call this CamelCase because of the humps in the text. If Francis Bacon wanted to create a page for pictures of Atlantis he might call it FrancisBaconAtlantis
  4. Find a suitable place in the text to put a link to a new page, and type the WikiName of the page you want to create.
  5. Click Save Changes and you will see that the WikiName is highlighted.
  6. Click on the question-mark at the end of the WikiName to create and edit the page.
  7. Put the title of one of your photos on the first line of the page. The ---+ at the front will make it into a 'level 1 heading'.
  8. Delete the line that turns on the gallery feature, then save the changes.
  9. Now add a picture to the page just as you did in Exercise 2 but this time leave the 'Create a link' box ticked. You will find that the full-size picture appears at the bottom of the page, below the comments box.
  10. Edit the page again and scroll down to the bottom. You will see some text starting <img src - it probably spreads over two or three lines, ending />
  11. Cut out this text and move it up to just under the title of the page. Save the changes and check that the image moves to the right place.
  12. Edit the page again and add a brief note about the picture. This time, click on the box labelled Release edit lock so that it has a tick in it before you save the changes.
  13. Notice that the comments box is now enabled. The system prevents other people from editing your page while you are working on it. The lock lasts for an hour, but you can release it early if you choose.
  14. Try entering some text in the comment box and clicking the Add Comment button.

You have now created a page for other people to comment on. This is exactly the process that you use to ask for critique on an image. The only difference is that for an image critique you start by putting your link on the Critique Page.

Now go on to Exercise 4 and edit your real home page.

-- AndrewFindlay - 01 Dec 2008

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