Exercise 2: add photos to a gallery

The page that you created in Exercise 1 is a gallery page because it contains a line like this:
%IMAGEGALLERY{ size="large" }%

You do not need to remember that invocation, because it is automatically included in every new page that you create. The gallery feature will display all the images that you attach to the page. This is how to use it:

  1. Get some images onto the computer. If using your own computer, make sure you are working on copies: don't modify the original files that came from your camera!
  2. Choose an image and resize it so that it is less than 700 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. At Cox Green the computers all have The Gimp which is a very comprehensive (and completely free) image manipulation tool.
  3. Go to the playpen page that you created in Exercise 1, and click on Add a picture in the menu on the left.
  4. Use the browse function to select your resized image.
  5. Type the title of the image into the comments box.
  6. Make sure the 'Create a link' box does not have a tick in it. Click to change it if necessary.
  7. Click the Upload file button.
  8. You should now see a thumbnail-sized version of your image appear on your web page. Click on it to see the full-size image that you uploaded.
  9. Click the web-browser back button to return to your page.
  10. Now resize another image and add it to the same page. You will see your gallery start to grow.

You now have a gallery! Go on to Exercise 3 to create another sort of page.

-- AndrewFindlay - 01 Dec 2008

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