Exercise 1: Create a web page

In this exercise you will create a page in the Playpen.

  1. Start on the Camera Club home page: http://www.maidenhead.cc/
  2. Click on the For Members menu option.
  3. Find the List of people registered on the site
  4. Find yourself on the list and click on your name.
  5. You are now on your own home page. You might want to bookmark it in your web browser.
  6. You should see your name and e-mail address. The address has been modified to make it harder for spammers to send you junk mail. If you need to contact another member by e-mail you will need to remove lenscap. from their address.
  7. Towards the bottom of the page is a link to your personal Playpen page. The link is probably highlighted as the page does not exist yet: Link to a page that does not exist yet If there is no personal Playpen link, then go to the main Playpen page and choose one of the links there.
  8. Click on the question-mark to create and edit the page. You will probably be asked to enter your username and password at this point.
  9. You will find that the page already has some text on it. The first line starts ---+ and will be the title of the page. Change the first line to a good title. It should look something like this: ---+ More Ducks!
  10. Now click the Save Changes button to see what your page looks like. You should see the title, your name, and a comments box.
  11. It is time to add some more text to the page, so click on Edit which you will find in the menu on the left of the page.
  12. Click on the end of the title line, or in the blank line underneath it. Press return once or twice to make some space, and then write a few sentences. They don't have to make sense at this point, so copy and paste text from another page if you like.
  13. Press return twice more to make a blank line and type some more text. This is how you create new paragraphs. It does not matter how many blank lines you leave when you edit: the site turns any number of blanks into a standard paragraph break.
  14. Click on Save Changes and see what it looks like.

Note: Cox Green School uses a web cache. This stores a copy of each page that you visit so that it can display the page faster if you visit again. Unfortunately it does not know when pages get changed, so after editing a page you may need to use the browser's Refresh button to fetch the latest version.

Congratulations! You now have a page of your own in the Playpen.

It is time to add a photo, so go on to Exercise 2.

-- AndrewFindlay - 01 Dec 2008

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