Fibre Optic Series

This is a new series I have been developing over the last three years or so - yes it has taken me that long to get it all working! I have wanted to incorporate fibre optics for some time and think it has massive potential as wall art in hotels, care homes, hospices, public spaces and also in your own home. We have two up in the living room and dining room and I love having them lit up in the evening - great mood lighting. I am working towards an exhibition next year of this work, and have a number of themes, including variations on the Hadron Collider theme and also work inspired by landscapes and the aurora borealis.

Aurora KFindlaysmallimage.JPGAurora series no3KFindlay smallimage.JPGDusk KFindlaysmallimage.JPGPink Dawn KFindlaysmallimage.JPGWave particle 3KFindlay smallimage.JPG

-- KateFindlay - 14 Jul 2015
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